Transforming Lives Through Mind, Body and Spirit                                              Holistic Health Practitioner & Intuitive Healer  

700 N. Broad Street, Suite 303, 3rd floor, Elizabeth, New Jersey 07208.

TEL: 908-662-7697, SE HABLA ESPAÑOL

Free Parking behind the Building.    

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Chakras, Gemstone & Crystal Healing:    Tel: 908-662-7697 


In Person Only                                       Cost:  1 for $150   (1 hour session)

During any therapy session, Anarita Delacruz and or You might experience the need to express or release certain emotions like crying, laughter, yell, scream, anger, guilt, shame, etc. No Judgements, Its all part of Your Soul's Healing Experience, Trust the Process.

Anarita Delacruz has the ability to use Dermo-Optic Perception (the ability to read and translate information through touch).

Aromatherapy Essential Oils Benefits:

  1. Promotes Better Sleep
  2. Decreases Anxiety & Depression
  3. Regulates Hormones
  4. Relieves Menstrual Cramps
  5. Kills Fungal & Bacterial Infections
  6. Stimulates the Immune System
  7. Improves Skin Tone
  8. Reduces Inflammation
  9. Decrease Congestion
  10. Relieves Tension Headaches

Chakras, Gemstone & Crystal Healing Ballancing

Life Force Energy:

 1. Promote Feelings of Peace

 2. Self Development        

 3. Physical &  Emotional Healing

 4. Relaxation & Stress Relief

 5. Mind, Body, & Concience                Connection