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Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner:                       

Tel: 908-662-7697                                                                        Please press the book now botton to schedule your next visit, space is limited.

Reconnective Healing:                               Cost : $90 for 1 hour session     

Reconnection is a modality of Integrative Healing that is not intended to replace Conventional Medical services.

It is recommended that you always consult with your Doctor regarding your Health and Medical Treatment.

What results can I expect? 

1. You will release fears and blame

2. You will connect with your Soul

3. You will create a change of Consciousness

4. Progressively awaken your the DNA structure

5. Balance and alignment of Chakras

6. Living the present will be much more satisfying

Questions & Answers:

What happens to diseases and blockages of all kinds that I suffer now?

Reconnective healing and reconnection set in motion the most powerful self-healing mechanism of the person.

The order is not predictable. Some happen on the same stretcher. Others are arriving, gradually, some time later.

How is this frequency received on the stretcher or massage table?

The client is dressed, he only takes off his shoes and becomes as comfortable as he wishes and the Facilitator links the Fibers and Strands of the person with the Reconnective Frequency without touching and without spending energy.

How is this energy received remotely?

In the same way that in person the Receiver becomes as comfortable as he wishes in his home and the Facilitator works from his place, having agreed day and time for the session.