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Noninvasive Buttlift & Breastlift:                                            TEL: 908-662-7697

                               Breast & Butt Lift:


1st part: 
The butt lifts consist of placing suction cups on your three (3) gluteus muscles. 
The machine has 4 built in functions:
1. Contract and releases the muscles (Squad simulation),  
2. Electrical stimulation to help tone & lift the muscles, 
3. Vibration Massage, and 
4. Infrared light to stimulate the blood flow to your gluteus muscles.  
The machine does the work for you, and you get to relax while you wait.
(Time: 20min).

2nd part:
You will also receive a Brazilian lift manual massage & vacuum therapy for shaping & sculpting. This treatment also helps smooth out any cellulite & minimize stretch marks in treatment areas, which is an extra bonus. (Time: 10min).


Additional Benefits:

  • Strengthens Muscles
  • Increases Collagen & Elasticity
  • Firms and Shapes
  • Lifts and Tones Skin