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Colon Cleanse

  • What is a colonic irrigation?
  • What are the benefits of colon irrigation?
  • Do I also lose weight?
  • What type of equipment is esued?
  • How many colonics do I need?
  • How often should I get sessions and how do I prepare?
  • Do colonics wash away electrolytes and intestinal flora?

What is a Colonic irrigation?
A colonic irrigation is an internal bath that helps the colon to get rid of gas, toxins, parasites, chemical acid, bile, mucous plaque, incrustrated fecal layers etc.  There is no discomfort, just a steady gentle flow in and out of the colon.  As the water releases out of the colon, a gentle abdominal massage is given to stimulate the colon to remove its contents.
A person receiving a colonic lies comfortable on the left side while a disposable speculum tube is gently inserted in the rectum by him/herself or by a certified practitioner.  The person is well covered and then turns on his/her back, a comfortable position and able to see the waste tube on the side.  A gentle abdominal massage is given as the colon empties its contents.  The practitioner is always by the side of the client.

What are the benefits of colon irrigation?
Colonics offer relief from a variety of disturbances by cleansing the large intestine and improving absorption of nutrients.  When toxins like urea, uric, bile, acids, sugar, chemicals, and parasites accumulate in a high concentration in the colon, some get reabsorbed into the blood stream affecting the health and well-being of the person. Fatigue, lethargy, headache, lack of concentration, loss of energy and mental irritation are just a few symptoms of having a high concentration of toxins in the system.  On the other hand, a high concentration of toxins in the colon and having a low fiber intake can cause colon irritation, constipation, and poor absorption of nutrients, bloatiness, blockage, a distended abdomen and a sluggish colon.  Colonics should be combined with a balance diet.  Your sense of well-being is often dramatically improved with a deep cleanse (a series of colonics). You feel lighter, get a flatter abdomen, more energized, can concentrate better and as an optimum result, a feel or well-being is restored.

Do I also lose weight?
Normally a person loses about 2 pounds of fecal waste after a session and up to a couple inches from the waist line from the removal of waste, toxins, and gas from the colon.  However, the weight may come back when ingesting the same kind of food again (carbs, sugars, starchy foods, white bread, pasts, etc.)

What type of equipment is used?
We use colonics units and disposable rectal colonic kits.  A pre-packed disposable colonic kit is used per person each time.

How many colonics do I need?

The number of treatments will always vary with the individual, his/her health, medication regimen, diet and lifestyle.  Often the waste is so hard and well lodge in the colon pockets that it might take a series of colonics and diet preparation to sufficiently soften and loosen this accumulated and crustrated fecal material.  One colonic session will normally not be enough to clean up the entire 5-6 foot long colon.  When an individual’s diet is high in proteins like Atkins diet, or high in carbohydrates (fast food), sugars and fats, and low in fiber, it is advisable to prepare with fiber and fluids before having the first session.

How often should I get treatments and how do I prepare?
When having a Detox program, it is better to have a series of colonics close together within a week or two.  A high fiber/fluid diet and exercise should be included to complement the cleansing. The diet should be high in fiber and fluids and cleansing vegetables like greens, beets, prune juice, aloe Vera juice, etc, as tolerated.  Soft proteins should be consumed like fish, soy or whey proteins, beans, seeds and nuts.  Red meats should be avoided including canned processed meats.  If the person is trying to lose weight, fruit juice, processed canned food, starchy vegetables, white breads, and pasta should be avoided.

Do colonics wash away electrolytes and intestinal flora?

The optimum goal of having colon irrigation is to remove layers of fecal matter, plaque of mucus, toxins, chemicals and parasites from de colon to improve absorption of fluids, nutrients, and electrolytes, and to promote a balanced PH environment for optimum health.  However, by eliminating excessive toxins and fecal matter, some traces of minerals and intestinal flora will wash away in the waste content. Fresh vegetables, vegetable juice, orange juice or bananas should be consumed after having a colonic to replace electrolytes. A supplement of acidophilus or probiotics and/or low sugar yogurt is advisable when having colon irrigation to replace and ensure a balanced intestinal flora (good bacteria) in the colon.