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What to Expect from Massage Therapy


Before the Treatment: Please come in 15 minutes early to your first appointment so that you can complete an intake form before your treatment. You also will be asked a few questions about your health, medical history, and treatment preferences so that can you receive the full benefit from your massage and avoid treatment that is inappropriate for a medical condition you may have.

What is not included during your Treatment:                             Sex or sensual massage is not part of our office practice.

Clothing: For Medical Massage treatments, you should wear loose clothing that allow you to move easily and enables your therapist to move and stretch your body as necessary.                   

For Relaxation Massage you will never be asked to remove more clothing than you are comfortable with. You will have privacy to disrobe and make yourself comfortable on a sheet and blanket to keep you warm.

During the Treatment: During your treatment session, your body will always be draped with a sheet and your therapist will only uncover the area that is currently being massaged. During all of your massage treatment sessions, you will be treated with the utmost respect and made to feel comfortable in a softly lighted room with music of your choice. Aromatherapy is available at a small additional cost. Your therapist will communicate with you to find out what massage techniques will best meet your needs.